Arcane Gear - Portfolio by Martin Koehler

Welcome snowkiters!

ripping across fresh powder fields, propelling yourself vertically up 1000’ mountains without a motor, boosting off natural gullies and wind lips, skiing or snowboarding down 1000’ mountains only to find no lift lines or crowds anywhere in sight sounds like a “good time”, you should consider snowkiting Idaho’s Camas Prairie…..someday!

If your idea of good snowkiting is when your city gets hit by the winter blast and suddenly every soccer field or farmer’s 8 acre pumpkin patch looks like snowkite paradise, then it’s time to come out to Idaho this winter. Although there are many stellar locations to snowkite all over the U.S., few are finer than the 5400’ Camas Prairie. We have the experience to organize fun and safe trips, keep group sizes small, trips affordable and most importantly leaving the decision making behind the scenes so that you and a few friends can have the time of your life or at least a better-than-doing-yardwork weekend……..that someday could be closer than you think!

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